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Kimi Hime Got a Call From Kemenkominfo Due to Vulgar Content?

Lokalgame.com – Kemenkominfo already called Kimi Hime via Instagram direct message, email, and telephone. But, there’s no answer from Kimi herself.
Kimi Hime is known by many people due to her sexual content on her YouTube account. But, it looks like her name already reached Kemenkominfo because of this.

Reported from CNN, Kemenkominfo had tried to call Kimberly Khoe or also known as Kimi Hime due to her videos she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Waduh, Kimi Hime Dipanggil Kemenkominfo Karena Konten Vulgar?

Plt Humas Kemenkominfo, Ferdinandus Setu, said that his team called Kimi Hime after received a report from Komisi I DPR RI. Komisi I DPR RI already listened to Asosiasi Pengawas Penyiaran Indonesia (APPI) due to Kimi Hime’s content.

“We already sent our calling letter via direct message and to her email as well. But no response yet, at the afternoon we got her phone number, but no further response,” said Ferdinandus Seyu when interviewed by CNN reporters at DPR RI building, Monday, July 22nd.

According to the report from a man called Nando, APPI asked Kemenkominfo to block Kimi’s content due to vulgar content she had. This thing is quite troubling because her fans mostly underage kids.

“We recently knew those contents, and it was shown at Komisi I meeting. Surely she played PUBG game or some sort, but it’s on Youtube and her playing result were shown and she commented about her game while wearing sexy clothes,” added by him.

Kimi Hime is a YouTuber who often upload PUBG related content on her channel, where she plays PUBG or giving a comment about the game. Unfortunately, she often wears a sexy outfit.

What Kimi will say about this?

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